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Make easy money with the Tactile CRM referral program

Written by admin on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

We’ve really pleased to have just released our referral program after lots of feature requests by our users – we wanted you to be able to share in our success, so all do you need to do to start earning 20% of all paid for plans is login and visit the admin section.

You can sign up for the referral program and start earning straight away. Full details are on the Tactile CRM website, and you can track referrals in real time from your account:


Case Study: London Creative Arts

Written by Jake on Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

LCAL are a small design agency who use Tactile CRM to make sure their clients receive the best possible service throughout the lifecycle of all of their projects.

We didn’t have anything in place before we started using Tactile to manage our customer data and information about people we would like to work with. Now we have Tactile I don’t know how we ever survived!
Peter Bates – London Creative Arts

Email from Tactile CRM

Written by admin on Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

We’re really pleased to announce that you can now email directly from within Tactile CRM – all you need to do is login and click on an email address:

You’ll be asked to verify your email address the first time, but after that it’s plain sailing.

Full details are in the help where it tells you how to add templates, site wide email addresses and more.

As always, let us know your comments, thoughts and feedback. The new email system was lead by customer suggestions so we’d love to hear any other ideas you may have.

See organisation’s details against a person

Written by admin on Friday, August 14th, 2009

We’ve updated Tactile CRM so you can now easily see an organisation’s contact details (phone, fax, address etc.) when viewing a person.

It’s often the case that you’ll be dealing with several people at the same organisation and they all share the same phone number and address. Instead of entering it multiple times you can now see them when viewing the person:

New Contact Info

We’ve also extended this to opportunities and activities so important contact details are always on your screen.

Case Study: Hayley Marsden

Written by Jake on Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Editor, business founder and entrepenuer, Hayley Marsden runs a local magazine and uses Tactile CRM to keep up to date with her vital contacts and partners.

“As a work at home mum trying to juggle my daughter and starting up a new family’s magazine for my local area, a CRM is pretty vital to keep me on top of things. I’ve considered loads of options but Tactile CRM stood out as being a great bunch of people to work with, they’ve been really responsive when I’ve asked n00b questions and not laughed at me once. Plus I like the fact they’re based in the UK.”
Hayley Marsden

Realtime Pipeline Reports and Graphs

Written by admin on Monday, August 3rd, 2009

We’re really pleased to announce an overhaul to our graphing system and a new reporting engine.

Tactile CRM now has a realtime reporting engine to enable you to report on information in the system without having to export and manage data yourself. The new release includes a 30/60/90 day pipeline graph (see below), and we want you to let us know what else you want to see.

New Pipeline Report

We’ve also updated the reports tab to give you a list of reports and graphs from every page, and we’ve added some new graphs, and updated others:


Case Study: Ideas For the Kids

Written by Jake on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 is a website full of ideas of great places to go, and fun things to do, with children.

They have details for over 11,000 venues and attractions and use Tactile CRM to keep these up to date, and to track communication between their staff and their contacts at the venues they promote.

“Due to it’s ease of use and very user friendly interface, we’ve rapidly expanded how we use Tactile CRM, growing the contacts we manage on it from a few hundred to over 10,000 with no drop-off in performance. It is utterly invaluable to us. Our staff love it and it literally takes minutes for a new user to get the hang of how to use it.”
Manny Coulon –

Seamless Shoeboxed Import for Biz Card Heaven!

Written by admin on Thursday, July 30th, 2009

We all know the problem, you go to networking events, you meet people on a day to day basis and the business cards you collect stack up.

Getting those details into Tactile CRM can be hugely valuable but the time to type them in can be costly too.

Not anymore though! All you need to do is pop them into the post, Shoeboxed will digitise them, and then you can import them directly into Tactile CRM.

We’ve even got a special offer for you: sign up for Shoeboxed and they’ll give you $10 off their annual plans!

New Activities Widget

Written by admin on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

We’ve released an update to the activities widget on the dashboard after feedback from users.

The updated activities widget now shows you all the details for all upcoming activities today and tomorrow, and a summary for overdue and future activities. We now include the person or organisation the activity is attached to, and a link through to see their details.

Activities Widget

You can also see the details for all other activities by hovering over the activity title, so you now get more useful information at your finger tips and less clutter on the screen!

Activities Widget, Hover

We hope you find this feature useful, as always let us know your thoughts, comments and feedback and we’ll see what we can do.

New CSV/Excel Import Wizard

Written by admin on Monday, July 27th, 2009

We’ve just released a new CSV/Excel Import Wizard for Tactile CRM that makes it even easier to get your contacts into the system.

The new wizard trys to auto-match column headings in your CSV file with those in Tactile CRM, and will now show you which columns you are importing and which ones have been missed. Check out the screenshot of the new system below:

Tactile CRM CSV Import Wizard

We’d love to hear your feedback and any ideas we can incorporate to make it better (including other column headings your like our auto-match to pick up).