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Top 5 tips to choose a CRM product

Written by george on Monday, July 19th, 2010 at 11:55 am.

Lots of people start trying to choose a CRM system before they know exactly that they want. These aren’t the only things to consider but they will certainly put you on the correct path for making a CRM supplier short-list:

  1. Decide if on-premise or hosted/SaaS is right for you – there is no right or wrong answer to this
  2. Define your main goals for your new CRM system – this shouldn’t be a huge document 5-10 key points you think are critical to a successful system
  3. Look for a system that will grow/evolve with your needs – what you decide on today will evolve as you understand your CRM system more
  4. Make sure the systems you consider will cover the areas of your business you need – this could be via integration with 3rd party products or built in, but it’s key that you make sure you can do what you need to run your business
  5. Speak with the vendor/consultant – your relationship with them is key to a successful implementation and you should be working with them even after the system has ‘gone live’

These tips should help you get on your way to choosing a CRM system/supplier.

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