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New: Updated View Pages

Written by Jake on Monday, October 26th, 2009 at 5:35 pm.

If you log into Tactile CRM today, you’ll notice that we’ve made some changes to the way you view organisations, people, opportunities and activities.

As the first stage in making the view pages more useful we’ve added the ability to show/hide the information relating to the item and the ‘Recent Activity & Notes’ – so if you are more interested in notes/emails etc., you can hide the items details, or vice versa.

New Item View

This new view applies to organisations, people, opportunities and activities.

We’ve also moved the permissions/created/last updated information in to the main area to remove some of the clutter from the right hand side and added this information to opportunities and activities (it was not displayed before).

We hope you find this update useful and it makes using Tactile CRM even easier. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon, and as always do please let us have any feedback.