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Tactile CRM and Zendesk play nicely together

Written by admin on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 10:48 am.

We spoke last month about how we’d integrated Zendesk with Tactile CRM so that you can easily see support tickets from within Tactile CRM.

Now the nice folk at Zendesk have added a widget to allow you to look up customer details in Tactile CRM when you are logged into Zendesk.

The video below shows how it all works (and how easy it is to setup!) now you can make sure you know about any outstanding support issues before making an important sales call, and see all the background information about a client before answering their support ticket.

As a special offer, if you sign up for Zendesk before the end of July and email nick [at] they’ll sort you out with a second month free!