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New Features on Tactile

Written by Jake on Thursday, February 28th, 2008

We’ve just pushed out an update to Tactile that brings with it some new functionality and improvements as a result of customer feedback, so keep it coming!

Both emails and notes on the Dashboard and when viewing things are collapsed initially but can be expanded by clicking the “Show More” link.

For Clients, Leads and People the default ‘index’ view is to show those you have recently viewed. This should be more useful than the previous alphabetical view but, if you do still want to just browse through all your contacts, the “A-Z” option is there just below the page title.

You will also notice that for Clients and Leads the “town/city” and “county/state” parts of the address on the index pages are now links. Clicking them will filter the list to show just those entries that are in the same location so you can, for example, find all of your clients in “Coventry” or in “Devon” really easily – if you’re planning on visiting someone, you can take a look at who is nearby and perhaps drop in and say hi!

It’s now even easier to keep on top of your Activities, as they can be marked as Complete right from the Dashboard so no excuses not to keep on top of things!

As always, feedback on features (both new and old) is much appreciated, we have added a few extra areas to the forums where you can make them.

Tactile CRM Launched to Help SMEs Maximise Sales Potential

Written by Jake on Thursday, February 21st, 2008, the Coventry based applications hosting and open source specialist, today announced the launch of its new web-based contact and sales management system, Tactile CRM. Aimed at small businesses the product helps companies manage their sales leads, contacts and emails in one easy to use, fully hosted system.

Many small businesses have been slow to embrace traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) due to complexity and cost. Tactile aims to make CRM easy for organisations to adopt, enabling them to manage and track sales, leads, prospects and even emails in one place. Tactile’s dashboard gives a visual overview of the current sales pipeline enabling sales teams to maximise their efforts on the deals they are most likely to win.

With this key information in one place business can avoid unnecessary and unprofessional confusion when engaging with customers. Information previously available only to individual team members is now shared across the whole department or company, providing unparalleled transparency and insight.’ development of Tactile CRM was driven by real world business requirements and demands. Having worked with local businesses in a range of industries, we built Tactile CRM to meet the issues faced by sales and admin staff in their day to day life. Drawing on the expertise that we gained from building and implementing bespoke systems for larger clients, it was able to build an easy to use, affordable system that can be used to replace homegrown spreadsheets and paper-based processes that small businesses must evolve from.
With a free trial for organisations to test the system and several payment plans (start from as little as 6 per month), we have already signed up clients across the UK, US and Australia.

Peter Bates, Managing Director from LCA said, “We didn’t have anything in place before we started using Tactile to manage our customer data and information about people we would like to work with. Now we have Tactile I don’t know how we ever survived!”

Tactile is go!

Written by Jake on Monday, February 11th, 2008

Wow, what a big milestone – Tactile CRM is now live and all of our payment engine etc. is in place for people to sign up to Tactile CRM. I’ll write a bit more about it soon, as you can imagine we have a lot to do at the moment with the launch but check back for more news.

Check out the first Tactile review

Written by Jake on Thursday, January 24th, 2008

I had a chance to chat with Chris yesterday about Tactile and what we are planning to do, he has written a great article (the first in their new beta section) on the @bar website about Tactile CRM. Check out the app and what he has to say.

Tactile Final Beta

Written by Jake on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

We have launched the new website for the Tactile CRM. If you are interested, feel free to sign up (you will need to use the case sensitive code APPROVED) to try the free beta.

Please sign up and let us have any feedback you may have on the system.