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New tag features

Written by admin on Monday, November 24th, 2008 at 12:35 pm.

Today is a big day for Tactile CRM, our small business contact and sales management system – we have just released Version 2.

After listening to our users feedback we have implemented a lot of new features around Tags. The new features are available via the ‘Tags’ tab and allow you to easily view all items with a specific tag (see the screenshot below) as well as being able to rename/merge tags, delete a tag, delete all items with a specific tag (if you are an admin), and search across all items (organisations, people, opportunities, and activities) with a specific tag as well as being able to drill down on specific tag combinations:

Lots of Tagged Items

We’ve also added a new tag cloud so that you can easily see the most popular tags and drill down on them – a bigger text-size means the tag is used on more items (organisations/people/opportunities/activities).

Spot any pre-release new features in Tactile CRM?

We hope that you find this new feature useful, and would love to hear any comments or feedback that you may have.

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