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Activities Updated

Written by admin on Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 at 10:20 am.

We are pleased to announce the second of two new feature sets we have recently rolled out to Tactile CRM.

These features are based around activities and calendaring.

Activities in Tactile have been upgraded – previously they were simply a list of ‘To Do’ type items that you could attach against clients, leads, people and opportunities. There was a bit more to them than that, you got an email when people added new ones for you, a daily update when you had things to do, but now we have made them even better (don’t worry all the old stuff is still there too)!

Events – the first change we have made to activities is to add the concept of an event. This could be a meeting, a lunch or anything that would typically block out a period of time in your diary for.

Event Screenshot

You can of course still add ‘To Do’ items, but now you can add events too.

iCal/vCal – Tactile CRM is designed to be an easy to use CRM system for small businesses. We have deliberately kept away from building a calendar application as there are several excellent ones already available (Google Calendar and iCal), what we have now added is two easy ways to add events to your favourite calendar application.

The first is an iCal/vCal feed you can subscribe to and keep your calendar application synced with Tactile CRM:

Link for iCal Feed

All you need to do is visit your preferences (generate the link if you haven’t already) and you can subscribe to the link in your favourite calendar application and keep updated with all the information in Tactile CRM.

If you want to share an individual event with somebody, or just download it for reference, you can easily do that too. We’ve added a handy link when you view an activity:

Download an iCal File

The Tactile CRM Help has been updated with full details on how to use iCal/vCal information.

Finally we have also added a date picker. When you need to add a date anywhere within Tactile CRM, simple click on the date field and the handy date picker will pop up to allow you to easily choose a date:

Date Picker

Remember – if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback you would like to give us we’d love to hear them. Just drop us an email to and tell us anything you want so we can right any wrongs. We read every bit of feedback we can get our hands on, and try to rectify the things we can.