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Tactile – Preview 2: Clients

Written by Jake on Friday, October 12th, 2007 at 10:25 am.

The Tactile CRM private beta is now underway and we have already had a good number of people sign up. For those of you that would still like to join in, visit the Tactile CRM website and follow the instructions there.Today’s post is the first preview of the new system that beta testers are using online and will hopefully begin to let people see how Tactile will be of use to them.

Tactile Client View

  1. The top left hand side of the Tactile system tells you which company you are logged into (Demo in this screenshot) and gives you easy navigation to the modules within:
    • Your Dashboard – an easy overview of everything going on within the system
    • Clients – Organisations with which you have a working relationship
    • Leads – Organisations you are currently talking with
    • People – Contacts within Clients & Leads
    • Opportunities – Potential, Won & Lost sales opportunities
    • Activities – Things you need to do
  2. The main area of the screen (with the white background) is where all the key information regarding what you are looking at is kept. In this case it is a client and is Senokian Solutions Ltd. You can also easily tag clients from here to make searching easier.
  3. For those of you with several members of your team we also show you who added the client and when it was last updated. This helps easily identify who last made changes etc.
  4. Clients can have as many bits of contact information as you like (Phone, Fax & Email Addresses) and we display them to the right of the page. They can also be edited and added from here and as with all of the boxes of information you can open and close them to ensure you are not overloaded with unnecessary information. For example, your tech team may not be interested in the opportunities with this particular client so closes those off to make it easier to find the information in which they are interested – contact details and notes.
  5. Address details are also readily visible so these can easily be pulled off without cluttering the screen.
  6. Notes – this area of the page shows you all of the notes related to the client including those pulled through from people, activities and opportunities
  7. Notes – a note shows you what it is attached to, who wrote it and when it was last updated. Notes also have a title and are a darker shade of yellow if they were written by you. You can edit and delete your own notes and view everyone elses.
  8. The client information allows you to store further information about the client, from account number and credit limit through to website and number of employees. In addition to these standard fields all of the fields in the right hand column (Status, Source, Classification, Rating, Industry & Type) can be setup and configured by the admin account to allow you to customise Tactile to your needs.

More to Come

  • Tags
  • Inline editing
  • Leads, People, Opportunities, Activities
  • The Dashboard